We, Kongchai Aluminum Ltd., Part., manufacturer of kitchen cabinet and showcase, are one of pioneers in aluminium furniture in Thailand. Over 40 years of development, nowadays our products are widely admitted both in Thailand and many countries around the world (UK, Japan, Australia, Sudan Papua-New-Guinea etc.). We are also a member of EXPORTER LIST, Department of Export Promotion, Thai Government. Thanks to the quality of our products, we have received many awards (for example Outstanding Product award two years and Outstanding Product Design from ex-prime-minister Chatchai Chunhawan and vice-prime-minister Korn Thapparangsri). These awards and the admission from many countries are good prooves of our product quality.

Show Room : MBK CENTER 5th Fl., THE MALL TAPHRA 3rd Fl. Head Office : 152/24-29 Nakornkhuenkhun rd. BangPueng Phrapradaeng Samutprakarn

Factory : 386 Prachautit90 rd. Klongsuan Phrasamutjedi Samutprakarn